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The 4 People You Meet Hiking and What You Can Learn From Them

When the weather cools down, the traffic on Arizona’s scenic trails gets pretty heavy. This is not surprising, and who can blame our state’s year-round and seasonal residents? Arizona offers hundreds of trails for all skill levels, the weather is perfect during the cooler months, and we’ve got some spectacular views! If you’ve ever been hiking before, you know there are many different kinds of people you meet on the trails; from older couples to young kids and families; to experts and people who don’t realize it’s a bad idea to hike in sandals.

Anatomy of a Knee Injury

They may be small, but they’re awfully mighty! It’s important to understand the anatomy of the knee because so much is going on inside this amazing structure to keep us upright and mobile. Often, when patients experience knee pain that is not responding to treatment as expected, we have to look at the other components of the knee to find the source of the pain. 

Our Favorite Arthritis-Friendly Gizmos to Help Simplify Life

Happy New Year from all of us at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists! 2015 was an exciting time at our office. We can’t wait to continue seeing our amazing patients in 2016 as well as meeting some new faces! As the holiday season came and went, we saw some pretty amazing new gadgets and gizmos that our arthritis patients would just love. 

Physical Therapy for Athletes

At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, we have an in-house physical therapy department. We offer physical therapy to patients who need rehabilitation after recovering with one of our doctors, or to patients who need physical therapy alone after being referred by another practice.

Why Do Our Bodies Swell?

Why Do Our Bodies Swell?

At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, we see swelling every day! The body can swell on the outside after orthopedic surgery or after a sports injury, but it can also swell on the inside when conditions like arthritis cause the joints to swell up. Depending on the cause, swelling could be localized or widespread, although widespread is less common. There are a few reasons why this happens.

What is Osteonecrosis?

While the technical name is avascular necrosis (AVN), this condition is commonly referred to as osteonecrosis. The root word “osteo” simply means that the condition is related to the bones. Necrosis is defined as a condition that occurs when most of the cells in the tissue have died off, usually due to the tissue not receiving enough blood supply. When the blood flow is decreased after long periods of time, the bone could eventually deteriorate or collapse completely.

Why You Should Try Trail Running

There are countless beautiful trails in the Valley. For Arizona residents, trail season generally starts in the fall since it’s too hot during the summertime - although some people may dare to get outside during the summertime. Hiking and mountain biking are fun activities to do solo or with the whole family, but trail running is gaining popularity too. It’s a great way for runners to spice up their training regime because trail running utilizes new muscles that help the body stay stable.

How to Tell if Your Child Has Juvenile Arthritis

Arthritis has a reputation of effecting the older population. Osteoarthritis, one of the most common types of arthritis is even caused by our joints naturally deteriorating as we age. But some studies are suggesting that rheumatoid arthritis may have the ability to be passed onto our children. This autoimmune condition has yet to be confirmed as hereditary, but new research is supporting the claim.

Preparing For Your First Surgery

For most, surgery is a last resort. When other treatment methods have failed to relieve pain, both patients and physicians start to consider surgery as another option. However, the idea of having surgery can be a scary concept! Our board certified orthopedic surgeons perform hip, shoulder, and knee replacement surgeries, typically after arthritis has caused severe joint damage.