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Higher Injury Rate for Highly Skilled Golfers

Many people misinterpret the physical demands of golf, often regarding it as a non-physical sport. A recent study, however, found that 60 percent of professional golfers and 40 percent of golfers experience a traumatic or overuse injury. The most common golf injuries? According to the study, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries are the most common problems that golfers run into.

5 Bad Habits That Can Wreck Your Foot Health

Walking is an inevitable part of every day. Even if your day only requires you to walk from your car to the office to your car and back home, you’re often required to spend some portion of time of your feet. When you walk an exercise a lot, your feet are susceptible to wear and tear—especially when wearing improperly-fitting shoes.

Physical Therapy to Avoid Chronic Pain

Many times, a person endures an injury without immediate medical attention and develops chronic pain as a result. Chronic pain is sweeping our nation’s health, affecting more Americans than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. In an effort to raise awareness during Pain Awareness Month, the experts at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists are reminding patients to seek medical attention immediately following an injury to reduce the risk of further complications.

Pain Awareness Month at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists!

September is Pain Awareness Month, and Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists takes this time to spread awareness and improve patient education on common orthopedic injuries that cause pain. With school back in session, the NFL season upon us, and more athletes bringing their exercise outside, orthopedic injuries are at an all time high.

Juicing For Othopedic Pain Relief

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most common types of arthritis. This inflammatory condition causes pain and swelling to the joints, lending a hand in many athletic injuries. After a correct diagnosis, a treatment plan is designed that could include medication, physical therapy, and in more advanced cases, surgery. At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, we hope to diagnose patients as early possible to apply the least invasive methods possible to avoid further time out of normality.

Fruits and Veggies-- More Matters Month!

School is back in full swing and though many institutions have altered their breakfast and lunch menus, children are still not receiving the full nutritional benefits that fruits and vegetables have to offer. With school comes increased activity, and children need plenty of energy-providing food that can keep their bodies strong and efficient.

Growing Pains Are Real

The term ‘growing pains’ is often used to describe kids emerging out of their adolescence and into their teen years, giving their parents pains in the head. However, growing pains are real pains that children feel as their growing bodies go through changes, specifically bone growth.