HIV Policy

All employees of Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists, a Division of OSNA, and its physicians, or agents, shall treat persons who have HIV disease in a manner equal to that in which they treat persons who do not have HIV disease. Thus, Arizona Bone & Joint Specialist physicians and other professional staff shall provide medical services to persons who have HIV disease, and shall not refer such persons to other physicians because the person has HIV disease.

Any discrimination by any person in the employ of Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists found to be discriminating against anyone with HIV, would be in violation of our policy, and immediately dismissed.

This office does not discriminate against any person on the basis of disability, including persons who have HIV disease or AIDS. We treat each and every patient on the same terms and conditions that such services are provided to patients who do not have a disability.

Physicians and other professional staff are educated orally and in writing as a condition of employment to be kept with other forms in their file, and must sign same.