Liability & Workers' Comp

If you are claiming workers' compensation, you must bring, from your employer or insurance company, a written acceptance of their financial responsibility.

In liability or contested workers' compensation acts, we remind you the responsibility for payment rests with the individual being treated, not necessarily the individual being sued. We expect you to pay your bill promptly. Once this is done, we will fulfill our responsibilities in providing your attorneys with necessary medical information.

HMO patients must have a referral at the time of their visit. Obtaining the referral is the patient's responsibility.

Why choose Arizona Bone & Joint Specialists for workers' compensation?

  • Team of six orthopedic surgeons, including a hand specialist
  • A dedicated staff member to coordinate workers' compensation cases
  • Over 20 years of experience with workers' compensation cases
  • Simplified, streamlined communication through the OrthoArizona portal
  • Consultation notes sent in a timely manner
  • Contracted with all major workers' compensation insurance plans
  • On-site physical therapy and x-ray services