Literally meaning porous bone, osteoporosis is a disease that often has no indications until it is too late. The bones become porous and weak over time, and once they have reached a certain point, bones can break with something as slight as a sneeze.

There are multiple risk factors for osteoporosis that may include a family history of osteoporosis, inactivity, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, being female, low estrogen or testosterone levels, alcoholism and cigarette use.

There are tests that can identify the early markers of osteoporosis, and once identified, medications and treatments can be put in place to slow the deterioration of the bones and possibly prevent fractures. Treatments for osteoporosis include a consistent exercise program, calcium and vitamin D supplements, medications like biophosphates, and hormone supplements if necessary.

Prevention of osteoporosis includes maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excessive use of alcohol, not smoking, exercising consistently, and making sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D.