Treatment Options

There are multiple treatments for joint diseases, and the treatment recommended by your orthopedic surgeon at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists will depend on severity of symptoms, medical history, the type of arthritis you have, and your current level of fitness.

There are non surgical options for treating joint diseases, and these are often recommended as precursors to surgery. One of the first treatment options for joint disease is often exercise and weight loss if the patient is overweight. Exercise is one of the best treatment options for those with joint disease, as keeping the joints moving will keep them lubricated and can reduce stiffness. Stretching and exercise can also help with maintaining normal range of motion and can maintain flexibility. Physical therapy can also be extremely beneficial, and can help get an arthritis patient to a functioning point where they can go about their daily activities. The use of a cold compress can reduce inflammation, swelling and localized heat that is often associated with arthritis.

Medications can also help with joint diseases, and may include the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen and naproxen. NSAIDs can help relieve inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis and joint diseases. There are also topical medications that work extremely quickly and offer temporary relief.

There are also natural options that can help with joint diseases like arthritis. Glucosamine and chondrotin have been shown to aid in pain relief for those with osteoarthritis. These are compounds that are found in the body naturally and taking them as a supplement can help aid in the production of them. Calcium and vitamin D are extremely important for bone and joint health and can be taken as a supplement. These must be taken concurrently, however, because calcium cannot be properly absorbed by the body if there is not a sufficient level of vitamin D also present in the body.

Localized corticosteroid injections can be administered in the office and are usually extremely beneficial for those with joint disease. These injections decrease swelling and inflammation and can relieve symptomatic pain.

Another conservative treatment that may be considered are injections of a joint fluid supplement. These injections are localized to the specific joint that has undergone deterioration, and help lubricate and ease the gliding of the joint, minimizing the friction of the two bones rubbing against each other due to the loss of the body's natural joint fluid.

If the joint disease in question has progressed to a level where the joint has completely deteriorated, surgery to replace the joint or parts of it may be recommended by the orthopedic surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists. No matter your level of joint disease, the orthopedic surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists are able to offer treatments to relieve pain and increase your functioning and quality of life.