Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Always be prepared before your doctor’s appointment with any and all questions you wish to be answered. The provided list of questions is a guide to some questions you may discuss about your joint pain or candidacy for joint replacement with your doctor:

  • Are there alternatives to joint replacement that can provide pain relief?
  • How much will joint replacement relieve my pain?
  • What is the joint replacement procedure like?
  • How do I manage postoperative pain?
  • Are there risks or complications of joint replacement? If so, what are they?
  • How long am I required to stay at the hospital after the procedure?
  • When can I get back to my normal daily activities?
  • Will my insurance cover joint replacement?
  • Will I need follow-up care and regular doctor check-ups?
  • Which product for joint replacement is best for me? Why?
  • Will you be performing my surgery if I decide to have joint replacement?
  • How many joint replacement surgeries have you performed?
  • After surgery, what kinds of activities will I be able to participate in?