Questions Your Doctor May Ask You

Seeking medical advice from an orthopedic specialist about relieving pain or joint replacement? Be prepared and consider what questions your doctor will ask you. Become familiar with your medical history and be as thorough as possible. Here is a list of some common questions your doctor may ask you:

  • Where is your pain coming from? Do you have pain in one or multiple joints?
  • What caused the pain and when?
  • Rank you pain on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being the least amount of pain and 5 being the worst pain possible)
  • Has the pain worsened? If so, how severe and does it hurt often?
  • Does your pain worsen when you engage in weight-bearing activities such as walking? Does your pain feel worse at rest, or at night?
  • Are you taking any medication for pain relief? If so, please provide a list of prescription and non-prescription medications you have taken.
  • Are you taking dietary supplements? If so, please provide a list of them
  • Are you able to walk without support? If so, how far?
  • Can you make it up a flight of stairs without assistance? Do you go very slow and carefully up stairs?
  • Are you physically active?
  • Have you undergone any tests to evaluate your joint pain?