Understanding What An Orthopedic Surgeon Can Do For You

At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, your orthopedic surgeon is experienced and trained in treating pain and dysfunction due to your musculoskeletal system. Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists is a collaboration of board certified orthopedic surgeons who have the ability to diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan to alleviate pain and deformity interrupting the structure and health of the musculoskeletal system.

At Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists, some of the most common diagnoses and conditions are:
back and neck pain due to multiple causes
fractures and dislocations
sprains and strains
bursitis and tendonitis
cartilage and ligament damage and tears
bone and soft tissue tumors
congenital defects and abnormalities

Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists operates under the standard that no one should suffer from chronic pain, experience a decrease in quality of life or endure a loss of mobility due to an orthopedic complaint.