Total Hip Joint Replacement

If your orthopedic surgeon at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists has determined that conservative treatments have failed or that your hip degeneration is severe, surgery may be indicated. A total hip joint replacement can be extremely beneficial for those with severe degeneration of the hip, and can give a patient mobility if they have been disabled by hip pain.

Over 300,000 Americans receive hip replacement surgery each year and are able to get back to their daily lives because of it. Hip replacement will replace the deteriorated joint with an implant that replicates how the original hip moves and functions.

The worn ball portion of the hip (the top of the femur) is replaced by a metal or ceramic replica that is attached to a stem that is surgically attached to the top of the thighbone. The socket portion of the hip will be implanted with a cup formed from metal with a plastic or ceramic lining. This artificial joint glides together and replicates proper hip movement. There is some concern of the artificial hip joint wearing out, but this depends on the physical activity of the patient and whether they care for themselves properly.

As with any surgery, there can be complications with a hip replacement. As mentioned, wearing out of the hip may occur, but is rare. Blood clots post surgery may also occur, but precautions will be taking by your orthopedic surgeon to avoid this. Infection of the incision is also rare, but may occur if not properly cared for.

Recovery after the hip replacement will vary by person and depends on age, physical fitness, and rehabilitation abilities. Following hip replacement surgery, it is extremely important that you follow the rehabilitation and recovery instructions given to your by your Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists surgeon. Many patients will find that they are able to walk unaided 3 to 6 weeks post surgery.

The orthopedic surgeons at Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists reinforce that you don't have to live with hip pain or let it put a limit on your activities. Schedule an appointment at one of Arizona Bone and Joint Specialists' locations today and get your life back from hip pain.