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    “Amazed at Her Progress” – A Patient’s Story

    “Amazed at Her Progress” – A Patient’s Story

    Many times, we will hear follow-up stories from family members of a patient. Below is a letter we received from Darlene, the daughter of a recent patient:

    Happy New Year Dr. Kassman!

    Mom had an appointment with her local Physio Therapist last week.  Her
    Physio Therapist was extremely amazed at her progress.  At only 6 weeks
    post op, mom was at a recovery level (range of motion, strength etc.) that
    the Physio Therapist does not usually see in her clients until 6 months.
    It was also the smallest incision scar she had ever seen 🙂

    Mom has been walking inside, including stairs.  There has been snow, ice
    and unusually heavy winds.  In Vancouver, they have been ice skating on city
    streets! Yesterday was her first neighborhood walk in the frigid, fresh
    air with us (25F).  Brrrrr!

    Mom can put her own shoes on and can get one leg to the “4” position.
    Scott will be happy to know that mom has continued ALL of her daily
    exercises and plans to keep doing them to try and alleviate her stiffness.

    We are very grateful to both of you for your professional care and skill!
    It is wonderful to see mom so mobile and not in excruciating pain.

    Mom is looking forward to the possibility of Dr. Kassman’s reunion in BC.

    Take care and have a great 2017!
    Darlene (for Jean)

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