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    Arthroscopic SLAP and Labrum Repair

    Arthroscopic SLAP and Labrum Repair

    Arthroscopic SLAP and Labrum Repair is a part of my patient education video series. These videos are not made to teach surgeons but to teach the average person. This video, like all the others, is a real procedure performed by me. It highlights, like all the videos, a procedure that is a focus of my practice. In this case that operation is arthroscopic repair of a SLAP and posterior labrum tear.

    Video Highlights

    This video of an arthroscopic SLAP and Labrum Repair highlights the basic elements of this common shoulder procedure. This is done in a way that a lay person or non-physician can easily follow. Patients commonly ask questions about the procedure and this video will answer many of them. Common questions about arthroscopic SLAP and Labrum Repair like, “how do you attach it to the bone and what exactly is the labrum?” are answered.

    This video highlights exactly how the labrum is repaired. It is necessary that this labrum repair heals back to the bone for the procedure to be successful. Understanding how that repair is done helps the patient better understand the reasons for the specific post-operative rehab plan. With a better understanding of the surgery and the rehab plan they are more able to follow any post-surgical restrictions and participate in required exercises. The labrum repair, like other “repair” surgery, is in my estimation like planting a tree. The tree can be secured initially with a stake but it is not truly secure until it puts out roots. With the labrum it can be stitched to the bone but it is truly secure only when the labrum tissue has “rooted” into the prepared bone.

    With the insights from this video patients will understand what their surgery involves and how they can participate effectively in their rehabilitation.



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