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    Back on the Ice – Two Friends, Two Surgeries

    Back on the Ice – Two Friends, Two Surgeries

    When we about our patient’s successes after surgery, we’re very happy. When they refer us to their friends, it is the biggest compliment. Today, we share a story from Norm, who had a MAKOplasty partial knee in his right knee 6 years ago and came back 1 year ago for a Mako partial knee on his left knee.

    Then, Norm referred his friend Vince. Vince had a MAKOplasty partial in his right knee 9 months ago. Both men are friends and love to play hockey. Thanks to their visit here to see us and Dr. Kassman, they’re both back on the ice again. Here are two quick notes from each patient:

    Dr. Kassman,

    I thought you might enjoy these pictures that were taken this morning before our game.  As you can see Norm and I are on different teams. Unfortunately, they don’t put us on the same team very often. We play for an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week. My knee is working good as is Norm’s. He’s the best player on the white team.

    Vince, 81, Vancouver Island

    And from Norm, to both Vince and Dr. Kassman:

    Thanks for the pictures and the compliment. Dr Kassman, yes the knees are good. Your skills give us old guys a chance to relive our youth.

    Very best wishes
    Norm, 76, Vancouver Island

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  • Posted by Vince Rowe on 01/12/2019, 11:02 pm

    Hi Dr. Kassman,
    You have our ages backward, Norm is 76 and I’m 81.

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