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    Doris is BACK! – A Patient Story

    Doris is BACK! – A Patient Story

    We love hearing from our patients when they update us after their surgeries. This letter correspondence below comes from an 88 yr old woman named Doris who had a total right hip replacement just one year ago:

    Hi, I’m just back from two weeks in Switzerland,on a program of taking all the well known trains up 5 of the Alps from the east side. Have never done so much walking, all uphill, often on cobblestones,at a pace that was ultra fast! Then of course the cogwheel trains or cable cars or funiculars did the steep jobs.

    My new hip emitted NOT one twinge! Everywhere we walked was on slopes, in towns or racing to catch our trains, all at a fast pace, which impressed all of the others on the tour. Over the two weeks , nearly everyone asked where and by what surgeon I had acquired my new hip. They were all much younger than me, but wanted to know in case of future needs.

    So, I just wanted you to know and to once again express my thanks. Have a new life. Back to riding horses and most of the sports I did.

    All the best!
    Doris G

    Dr. Kassman thanked her for the update and kind words. She then wrote us again:

    I am so grateful to you and have told my story “Miracle in Phoenix.” So many times as the word spread around that ‘Doris is BACK’ and ready for action again! Your name is likely being passed around Europe by tourists and people that hurt  and most of our group took down all the specific notes!

    Please give a fond hello to Ellie,and those who were all so kind to me during my stay.

    Perhaps our paths may cross again , in a non medical way —- for pleasure.

    Again many thanks!
    Doris G.
    88 year old, one year after total right hip replacement
    British Columbia, Canada

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