• 07 MAR 17
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    Dr. Kassman Skis with Past Patients

    Dr. Kassman Skis with Past Patients

    We love hearing from our past patients, and in this case, we like seeing them active too! Dr. Kassman recently had the opportunity to ski with some of his past patients. In this picture above, he is joined by two patients at Whistler, BC. While all results can vary, Dr. Kassman was able to give the gift of winter sport fun back to both Gary and Jill.

    Pictured above, Left to Right:

    • Gary C. is a 67 year old ski instructor and past patient. He had bilateral partial knee replacements/MAKOplasty three years ago.
    • Dr. Kassman
    • Jill F is an 80 year old past patient. She had a total knee replacement just one year ago.
    • Jill’s husband.
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