• 05 MAR 19
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    Excellent Range of Motion – A Patient Story

    Excellent Range of Motion – A Patient Story

    We enjoy hearing from our patients after their surgeries. This note comes from a patient who had a bilateral Makoplasty partial knee replacement.

    “Hi Dr K.,

    Just wanted to send you a picture of me back at work during the Coyotes game. I have been back with the Flames since mid-January (2 months after surgery) and things are great. No pain when I stand and only minor discomfort after a long shift of walking. Still working on my skating.  I have an excellent range of motion. Mostly working on strengthening my quads and stretching. Hope you are well. I am very happy with how my recovery has gone. Can’t wait for golf season to start.

    All the best,
    Curtis, 51 years old and a member of the Calgary Flames ice crew

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