My practice has included an ongoing and substantial focus on both general orthopedics and fracture care. Common “general” orthopedic problems with which I have substantial experience, and am happy to evaluate and treat, include such things as “distal” biceps tendon tears, quadriceps or patellar tendon tears, Achilles’s tendon tears, hamstring tears, as well as knee, ankle, and wrist sprains.

I have actively participated in emergency room call since beginning practice in 1993. That emergency department call previously included significant “Level 1” trauma for many years.  I routinely care for fractures of the upper and lower extremities including shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hip, femur, knee, tibia, and ankle. My staff and I are always available to assist you in obtaining the appropriate orthopedic evaluation and treatment that you need. If I, or one of my practice associates, cannot adequately manage your specific orthopedic problem be assured that I will personally facilitate your referral to a qualified specialist who can assist you. My staff and I look forward to helping you recover from your general orthopedic conditions and fractures.

Lower back pain is symptom of hip injury
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