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    Minimal Incision Posterolateral Hip Arthroplasty

    Minimal Incision Posterolateral Hip Arthroplasty

    What You’ll See in this Video

    This video of a minimal incision posterolateral hip arthroplasty highlights the basic elements of the hip arthroplasty procedure. This is done in a way that a lay person or non-physician can easily follow. Patients commonly ask questions about the procedure and this video will answer many of them. Common questions about hip arthroplasty like, “how do you attach it to the bone, how is it fit just to me, where is the incision, and will I have stitches?” are answered.

    Surgical Approach

    Our preferred approach to hip arthroplasty remains the minimal incision posterolateral approach. Many of you considering hip arthroplasty have heard of different approaches or maybe the “anterior approach”. Each approach has it’s pros and cons. These are discussed in more detail on our page dedicated to Hip Replacement. This video demonstrates how this approach allows for hip arthroplasty in my patients. The benefits highlighted are typically low blood loss, minimal tissue disruption, and minimal post-operative restrictions. The patient in this video is a 54 year old man who has Osteonecrosis. He was forced to use crutches due to his pain and was unable to work.

    See the Result – Real Life Testimonial

    This You Tube video shows an actual patient 12 days after surgery. He traveled from Canada for his procedure. Before this video was made, he had already been to a Diamondbacks game and gone sightseeing in Sedona. Not every patient is the same and not all will recover at this rate. For those physically fit before surgery and motivated in their rehab, this result is not uncommon.

    We hope you find the video educational and helpful as you consider your hip arthroplasty.

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