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    Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?

    Is Joint Replacement Surgery Right for You?

    For patients with arthritis joint replacement of the hip and knee have become reliable surgeries. The benefits are often life changing. These include decreased pain and improved function. Advanced hip and knee arthritis can cause trouble with simple tasks. Patients often have a hard time with any prolonged standing or walking. Pain can interfere with sleep. Routine tasks like shopping and getting in or out of chairs or cars can become difficult. Inability to participate in recreational sports, travel, and dancing is often frustrating. Loss of motion makes getting on shoes and socks a problem. The pain and restrictions from arthritis can threaten patient’s job performance and finances. Housekeeping and yard work are often hard to maintain.

    Today joint replacement of the hip and knee can be performed with less invasive techniques. These methods have shortened recovery time from joint replacement and improved outcomes. Current materials used for joint replacement have improved wear characteristics. This is expected to lead to longer life span for both hip and knee replacement. This better wear has made joint replacement of the hip and knee an option for even younger patients. Less invasive joint replacement techniques are typically associated with less blood loss. This is good for all patients but is particularly helpful for older patients and those with other medical problems. Hip and knee replacement procedures have become safer for these patients previously felt to be too old or too sick.

    Assessment of whether joint replacement is right for you can often times be made with a single simple office visit. With x-ray facilities in the office arthritis can be quickly assessed. Treatment options besides joint replacement are available for arthritis. These can be reviewed and considered at the same visit. Learn if hip or knee replacement is right for you.



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  • Posted by Shad Morris on 12/15/2016, 2:25 pm

    My grandma always complains about her joints hurting, and we wanted to know if there was a way to help her out. It’s interesting that there is actually improved outcomes and shortened recovery time with joint replacement! Since she has always been a busy person, she would need that quick recovery.

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  • Posted by Frank Delaware on 02/23/2017, 5:34 pm

    My grandma was telling me that she might have to get a few of her joints replaced, and I was curious about how that would benefit her. It’s interesting that you say that it actually leads to longer lifespan of your joints! Since she still has plenty of time left in her life, it would be nice to know that she won’t have to live those years in pain.

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  • Posted by Derek Dewitt on 10/10/2017, 3:26 pm

    My grandpa has really bad knees and might need to go in for a joint replacement surgery at some point. I’m glad that you mention how methods today are much less invasive than they used to be. Stronger materials used for the replacement sounds ideal so they last longer and won’t need to be replaced again. Thanks for sharing!

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