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    Just 26 days later… – A Patient Story

    Just 26 days later… – A Patient Story

    We always enjoy hearing from our patients as they return to their daily lives. Here is a recent letter we received from a hip replacement surgery:

    Hi Scott/Dr. Kassman,

    It is now 26 days since my hip surgery.   I am walking without cane or other support for past three days, walking further each day, yesterday was just over half a mile. My appetite has become almost normal, and I am able to do most things. Except for the lower cupboards and bending over to pick up stuff.  I Am getting into  and out of the truck with no platform,  stool or any help with ease.  Walked 3/4 Km. this a.m. It feels so good ( and amazing) to walk without pain!    Thanks to you and Dr. Kassman for the great progress I have achieved because of your skills!

    Doris G. (87 year old hip replacement)

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