• 23 MAY 17
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    Less than a month after surgery – Patient Update

    Less than a month after surgery – Patient Update

    Sometimes we don’t hear from our patients, but from their family members, as they are so happy to have their spouse, parent, sibling doing well after surgery. The following letter we received from a son, happy to see his dad able to carry out his work, which takes place in a remote location in Northern Saskatchewan.

    “Here’s my crazy dad, Jim, 29 days after surgery. He stared flying yesterday. He has made 6 return trips 60 miles North to two of our most Northern fly in outpost camps to “put up” ice. They cut blocks of ice from the frozen lake and store them in a log shack and cover them with sawdust. The frozen blocks will stay frozen until October. The fisherman use the blocks of ice to cool their fish and refreshments. The ice is still 36-48″ thick. We expect it will be melted within 10 days so he was cutting it pretty close. Thank you again for your  great work. It’s great seeing him not in pain anymore.”

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  • Posted by edubirde on 04/16/2018, 3:44 pm

    It is so amazing and heart-warming to see every patients feel better that way. Great job being done both by excellent works of doctors and family around. The love, courage and support you have shared has enable him to get back on his feet bravely. God bless you and may you all continue to share photos, updates and blogs for good reads. Surely, more readers will be inspired and more patients to be healed!

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