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    Medical Tourism and Cash Pay

    Medical Tourism and Cash Pay

    If you are looking for medical tourism and cash pay options I have affordable choices for you. I have substantial experience with medical tourism and cash pay. Nearly one hundred patients have come to see me and have their surgery in Phoenix. These patients have come from as far away as Alaska, Texas, California, Washington state, all across Canada, and even one from Brazil. I work closely with anesthesiologists and the CORE Institute Specialty Hospital to create a complete package for your care. This hospital offers my patients an extremely low infection rate and patient satisfaction scores that are amongst the highest in Phoenix. The care is personal and intimate. Overall just a fantastic healing environment.

    My medical tourism and cash pay patients usually recover in the comfort of a rented local home. With extensive experience in this area of medical tourism and cash pay my staff and I have many resources available to assist with housing needs.  These homes typically offer patients and their accompanying friends or family a comfortable environment for their recovery.   Many patients have found this home rental option cost competitive with hotels while providing more comfort and freedom.   For those who prefer to be in a hotel we also have many references.   Phoenix is a great place to recover from your hip or knee replacement almost year around.  In the winter, spring, and fall walking outdoors for exercise is wonderful.  In the summer many homes have pools and my patients are allowed in the pool immediately after surgery.  Walking in the warm water has been very therapeutic for many and the families enjoy it too!

    If you need financial assistance to get the care you need I have partnered with Care Credit. This company will qualify you for a variety of very reasonable financing options. With Care Credit you can choose payment options from 6 months to 5 years and some even with no interest charges.

    If you can’t get the care that you need close to home and are seeking medical tourism and cash pay choices I can help. Read more about hip and knee replacement as well as knee and shoulder arthroscopy. I look forward to helping you with your orthopedic problem.

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  • Posted by Doug Ruse on 01/14/2017, 8:05 pm

    I am from Canada and have an injured knee – also long term pain issue. I know of one Canadian patient that is very happy with your surgery on his knee. We are in Casa Grande until mid April. It is primarily an issue for sports (pickle ball) and trying to stay active.

    I am interested in getting an assessment of what is wrong and options going forward. Can you provide a quote for the cost of doing an assessment?? I do not have any x-ray or MRI so would likely need these done for a complete assessment. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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    • Posted by Karen Schonfelder on 07/03/2019, 4:51 pm
      in reply to Doug Ruse

      Hi there. I would like to talk to someone about knee replacement surgery. I am a Canadian citizen who was referred to Dr. Kassman by a former patient of his. I am currently living in Doha, Qatar but return to Canada a couple of times a year. I have a series of questions that I would like to ask/discuss with someone regarding treatment options. Please contact me via my email address and provide me with a phone # and time that I could call you. I would very much appreciate it.
      Warm regards,
      Karen Schonfelder

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  • Posted by Mark Knighten on 03/27/2017, 9:44 pm

    I am interested in a cash package deal on total hip replacement. The x-rays have been done by my local ortho surgeon and images placed on a disc so work-up is done. I have no insurance and will be paying with cash. Im looking for most affordable option on a lock and key job that will include surgeon, anathesis, stay in hospital and off site stay…please advise. I understand there are now surgeons who are doing this as an outpatient procedure with maybe a couple days stay which would be great. I look forward to your reply

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  • Posted by john mah on 03/13/2019, 9:44 pm

    Was wondering about the cost for knee replacement – I live in Canada.

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  • Posted by ishitapbanerjee on 04/06/2019, 7:30 am

    Thank you for sharing useful information. It is reallya great blog, Also you can know more about on <a href=https://boneandjointcare.co.in/services/total-knee-replacement/>Knee Replacement surgery in mulund</a>

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