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Hi Dr. Kassman,

Just a quick note to tell you all is well and I feel great. Back to walking in the mornings around our lake. I’m off the pain pills, but still taking Celecoxib.

We went on a Panama Canal cruise in April and it was great. I’m also back to teaching art classes, gardening and enjoying spring. I never thought I’d be able to do any of these again.

Thanks for taking such good care of me and giving me back my life.

Bonnie B. 68 year old, following left hip replacement 9 months ago and right hip replacement 7.5 months ago 06/05/2018

Just wanted to touch base…..I have a little stiffness, minor pain but I have been walking without a cane since last Tuesday and being very careful to create the correct stride.   Thank you again for your support. My entire experience with all staff and the facility was first rate. If I am ever in a position to recommend your office for a surgical procedure I would not hesitate to do so.

Ron F. 70 year old, 2 weeks following right hip replacement Canada 06/05/2018

The hip is improving a bit each day.

I am walking normally now, and have been for the last few weeks – walked 3 miles at a brisk pace plus other activities yesterday with no pain.

It is still improving.

John G. Hip Replacement Canada 05/08/2018

It’s 8 weeks today since I had the hip replaced and I can not be happier with the progress. I have been back at work full time in and out of my truck for a week now and I am feeling stronger daily and no pain! My seated hip rotation is not where I would like it to be but as you told me it will take time.   I would like to thank you and Dr. Kassman again for making this unknown journey for me a very successful one and hope in the future if I need the left one done I can call on you guys.

Bill L. Hip Replacement Canada 05/08/2018

I am doing great almost walking upright and no pain in right hip or knee. I really appreciate your expertise. Thanks again!

Glenda G. Hip and Knee Replacement Canda 05/08/2018

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