Dr. Kassman's Philosophy

My goal is to provide you, my patient, with an experience that is compassionate, pleasant, and certainly worthwhile.

I believe that you will find me to be honest, straightforward, hard working for your best interest, and skilled as a surgeon. You are an individual and care will be specific for your problem and needs. Together our goal will be to create a treatment plan that is effective yet efficient with your time and money.


The Most Complete Treatment

Part of my practice philosophy is also to be accommodating and complete in my treatment. Sometimes that accommodation is for the patient who has an emergency or maybe one who requires an unplanned procedure such as a cast or an injection during their visit in order to relieve pain and not delay their treatment until another scheduled appointment.

Occasionally complete and thorough evaluation simply requires additional or unplanned x-rays. These accommodations can sometimes result in an erratic office schedule. The benefits for my patients are that those in greatest need are helped as soon as possible and care is thorough and complete. One never knows when they will be the patient in need of such flexibility.

If my schedule ever creates a situation where I am behind, I promise to you that your visit quality will not be compromised or rushed and that I will listen attentively and do my best to solve your problem once our visit begins. I will respect you as well as the time, effort, and expense that you have committed to me and my practice.

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Scottsdale Orthopedics

Your experience begins with our phones and front desk and I am confident that my front desk staff will attend to your appointment scheduling needs with the utmost professionalism and do everything possible to accommodate your requests. My medical assistant and surgical scheduler are charged with assisting me throughout your office visit and will help you complete necessary forms, as well as schedule tests, therapy or any planned surgery. They will make sure that you are kept informed throughout the scheduling process and help me put preparations in place for you to have a safe and effective procedure.

Copays, deductibles, benefit exclusions, insurance prior authorizations, etc., are confusing and time consuming to understand for even the most informed of medical professionals or patients. My staff and I will strive to meet these administrative needs in a prompt, courteous, and effective manner. My radiology technician will facilitate my evaluation by providing convenient, prompt, and high quality on site x-ray imaging.

Greta and Allison, our physician’s assistants, will be invaluable complements to your care. In the office 5 days a week they are available to be my “eyes and ears on the ground” when questions or issues arise while I am in surgery. They will help manage your care under my direct supervision. I encourage you to learn more about these great individuals that are so capably helping me provide your care and to learn about my partners Michael Hayman MD and Justin Wong, MD.

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