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    Shocked at my Progress – A Patient Story

    Shocked at my Progress – A Patient Story

    We just received this email from a past patient, just six weeks after her surgery:

    Hi to Dr. Kassman, Scott and Christian,

    Thought I should send this email to all of you. Scott mentioned I ought to touch base with my physio here at home toward the end of June. Just had my appointment this afternoon. The news is amazing. My physio was SHOCKED at my progress just 6 weeks/3 days post-op. He said he has never seen someone progress so quickly following total hip surgery and he has a lot of experience working with total hip patients. He even said some of his “younger” patients like me are no where near as functional at a year post-op! He was also amazed at the fact that I have no noticeable leg length discrepancy. He said he rarely ever sees this in his patients, noting that most have a marked discrepancy and some need to have shoes built up to compensate. I reviewed all of Scott’s exercises with him and he was very impressed with my ability to do these and told me to pat myself on the back for all my hard work (I do the exercises daily and I am also riding the stationary bike daily). He said to tell you I obviously had a excellent surgeon and physiotherapist to set me on the right path to recovery. He requested Timely Medical’s name so if he has future patients with the means to go to the US, he will certainly recommend they contact Christian/Rick.

    So a great big thank you again to all of you for helping me to get back to a normal life on my right hip. My left hip acts up on a daily basis, but just intermittently at this point. You will definitely be seeing me in the future for another round of surgery. Rick and Christian, please feel free to use my comments here as my testimonial .

    Kind regards,
    Kelly N
    55 YO female 6 weeks after robotically-assisted right hip replacement, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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