Many greetings from Vancouver!
Joseph had recently an appointment with Dr. Bas Masri, who is the Head of the Department of Orthopaedics in Vancouver General Hospital and University Hospital. He looked at Joseph’ s MRI and CT scan and the latest X-ray, which was done 6 weeks post surgery. He complimented the great work of Dr. Kassman and said, that Joseph was extremely well looked after in Phoenix. After the examination of movements of Joseph’s legs and watching Joseph walking quickly in the hallway, he said that he can go back to his gym and exercise on his own. He said that he does not need any Physiotherapy. He has been exercising and stretching daily at home on his own.
Thank you, Dr. Kassman for a great and successful surgery! We are extremely happy that we made the decision to have this surgery done so quickly in Arizona.

As soon as we heard the great news, we arranged tickets to go to Europe. We will be going to Prague then we will go to Vienna and perhaps to Italy!
Warm regards,

Ivona and JosephIvona and Joseph 2

Ivona and Joseph

Joseph Vancouver, Canada 12/10/2015

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