Everything feels so natural and pain free, the way it used to be, before my hip problems. Since hour 1 after my operation all pain was absent; knee, back, hip and even the actual incision surrounding the area of my operation. I was on pain pills for only two days. I was up and somewhat walking immediately and by the end of 2 weeks, was walking almost 100% normal; no limping at all.

When we left Phoenix (1 week earlier than planned) at the airport at security, I set off the alarm and was puzzled as to why and when the security person asked me if I had a hip replacement recently, I stood a minute and then answered, “ yes”.

The operation was such a success, that I forgot about it and also forgot to inform security!  To this day, I wake up each day without any symptoms of hip discomfort and unless someone asks me about my hip, I don`t even realize that I have a new one. It`s that natural.
Scot was also a huge help in rehab with this and the program that he sent me home with  was very comprehensive and helpful.  I never even went to physio here as it wasn’t needed.
4 months after my operation my wife went to Italy to the world club dragon boat competition for Canada. Of course I went with her. We stayed an extra 5 weeks, touring Italy and Austria. On any given day we walked or hiked a minimum 10 miles or more and throughout all this walking I never felt a twinge of pain or discomfort and add to all this travel, we also had to carry our luggage to each destination, on and off trains, without a problem. At the Vatican in Rome we climbed over 550 stairs up in the church and 550 stairs down and again, no pain or discomfort.
I would like to thank you greatly for giving me a new lease on life and mobility,with which I would never even had a chance to go to Europe with my wife, if I had not seen you and had this operation done. To this date, I’m walking, jogging, biking, basically anything, without pain or hint of a limp.

There is a possibility that I`ll try skating this summer and return to hockey in a very recreational way. If people didn’t know from me telling them that I had a complete hip replacement 1 year ago, they would never suspect the fact.

My wife and I both really can’t thank you and Scott enough for your skill and kindness. My operation and recovery and now further mobility in my every day life is a real testament to the great results I’ve obtained.

Kind regards.
Ken and Terri F.

Ken F. Hip Replacement Cowichan Bay B.C. , Canada 12/10/2015

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