Geoff has improved out of all recognition from 7 weeks ago when you fixed his second hip (2 weeks +1 day after the first).

He worked with the PT at our Rec Centre who gave him water and dryland exercises which he has been quite dedicated about doing. He started walking as soon as we
got home and gradually increased the distance. He has been walking completely without a cane for about 3 weeks now and is upright and with a proper gait (not
rolling like a drunken sailor!). Although he’s just a little slower than he used to be, he is getting faster all the time.

This week we have been able to walk with our dog in one of the local parks on terrain that is undulating and where he has to watch out for tree roots (there
are many huge cedars) and he has managed without any problems but acknowledged he was tired at the end. Walking has been one of our great pleasures and 4
months ago I despaired of our ever being able to do it again. Huge thanks to you!

He is feeling very positive and optimistic and that alone has been worth everything.

Thanks again. We should have come for the surgery 6 months earlier – at least!
Linda and Geoff

Geoff G. Hip Replacement Canada 12/10/2015

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