My wife tells me its time to give you an update on the famous hip replacement…the hip has been just great no problems at all. I’m walking fine, golfing several times a week and all regular daily activities pose no problems either. The little “hitch” I referred to in the earlier e-mail is gone. The P.T. felt it was probably a very small muscle that had yet to adjust to the new hip and that it took a while to coordinate with the other muscles around the hip. While at the P.T. one day, several doctors wanted to look at the CD of the hip…they were very impressed as to how well the pointed part went into the leg bone (my description) They have seen cases where the pointed end was put in at an angle whereas mine was straight down the middle of the leg bone..good work!! I have no limp. I live on a street where there are 5 doctors so needless to say I hear a lot about hip operations..some are not too pleasant. One said how brave I must have been ..I hated to tell her that in actual fact everything was fine with no real pain at all…except for the first week. Well thanks very much for your good work!! Take care!

Gordon S. Hip Replacement 10/13/2015

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