It has been just over a month since we all participated in one way or another in replacing the left hip for my wife Yvonne. I am extremely happy to report Yvonne is off all her opiate meds, she is off her cane and she is off all her pain.

She is walking in a normal manner, climbing stairs without thinking, not needing to think and is doing very well. She is still doing her exercises and does have short brief moments of stiffness but for the most part she is a brand new woman.
I would like to thank everyone who had a part in this with all my heart. Yvonne is a new woman, she has her life back and I have my wife back.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Please make sure the nursing staff on her ward get this message too. we do not have email connections for Giles or Amie but we are both indebted to them for their professional caring care. thank you all.

Love and peace to us all,
Derek Q.

Yvonne Q. Hip Replacement Edmonton Alberta Canada 11/24/2015

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