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Dr. Steven Kassman provides foreign visitors with the most advanced and effective surgical procedures available today, performed by our staff of committed and compassionate professionals. For over 20 years, Dr. Kassman has specialized in:

  • Full and Partial Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Shoulder Repair


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Our experienced staff offers unmatched professional care before, during and after your surgery. We feature leading surgical techniques, including MAKOplasty®, to insure you get the best surgical experience available.

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Traveling Abroad

We will help you plan your trip to Arizona, including recommendations for lodging and transportation. We will do everything we can while you are undergoing treatment to make this process as comfortable and efficient as possible.

  • Things to Do in Arizona

    Looking for things to do while you visit Arizona? We have gathered a great collection of restaurants, shopping areas, nightlife, day trips, outdoor activities, festivals, and more. We’re happy to suggest places to visit and things to do that fit your interests and lifestyle.

  • Knee Replacement Testimonial – Nancy T.

    Knee Replacement Testimonial – Nancy T.

    Below, you’ll read a letter from a patient who had knee replacement surgery. Dr. Kassman, It was 6 months ago today that you replaced my right knee. I promised to report back on my progress, and today’s anniversary is appropriate. Initially I did very well. I saw my doctor at 3 weeks post-surgery, as you

  • Medical Tourism Plus Vacation

    Medical Tourism Plus Vacation

    My medical tourism patients are realizing that they can often turn their medical travel into a mini vacation. Sometimes that just means bringing friends and family to enjoy the weather, pool, and time away. Many homes are available for rent and can accommodate family groups. Sometimes it means actually getting out of the home or

  • Medical Tourism: A Canadian Patient’s Perspective

    Medical Tourism: A Canadian Patient’s Perspective

    Our patient’s testimonials from their experiences with Dr. Steven Kassman speak volumes. Below is a timeline of progress from a patient from Canada, Jeanne, who had both hips replaced. She had been walking with 2 canes for 3-4 months prior to her initial surgery on April 17th, 2014. Click here to see a video just

Have you been told, in your home country, that the surgery you need is either not available, or has a long wait list?

Dr. Steven Kassman does not want you to suffer any longer. He wants to help you knock out joint pain today. Whether you have knee, hip, or shoulder pain, Dr. Kassman is equipped to provide you the most innovative and complete treatment plans. Stop waiting in pain and come visit Phoenix, Arizona today!

This patient map illustrates where patients have traveled from in order to have surgeries performed by Dr. Steven Kassman.


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