Find orthopedic worker's comp help and info

Dr. Steven Kassman has extensive experience and expertise with work-related injuries covered under workers' compensation.

He understands the special challenges presented by industrial injuries.


Specifically for injured workers Dr. Kassman has extensive experience with both operative and non-operative care of industrial and work related injuries.  He frequently provides second opinions and Independent Evaluations for complex industrial orthopedic problems.  He is not only a skilled surgeon but also knowledgeable regarding appropriate use of The AMA Guide for the Evaluation of  Permanent Impairment and the Official Disability Guidelines.  He realizes that effective management of the patient with an industrial injury requires close partnership and communication between the patient, the employer, the insurance carrier, and the physician.  Creating this working partnership is the most effective way to minimize long term impairment and disability, while maximizing the probability of early and lasting return to work.


He knows that early diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries are the keys to returning an injured worker to the job as soon as possible thereby reducing both medical costs and time lost from work.  His goal is to provide excellent medical care to the injured worker, while at the same time keeping the employer and insurance carrier apprised of the patient’s treatment plan, progress, and work status.  Additionally, his experience in workers compensation report writing to insures that  written communications are thorough and contain all the information needed for case managers and adjustors to perform their job efficiently and with confidence.


He believes in working closely with the patient, the employer and the carrier to develop appropriate work restrictions and light duty assignments.  Cost-containment strategies include judicious and appropriate use of ancillary services and testing procedures.



Workers' Compensation Services Include:

  • Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

  • Bilingual  staff

  • Independent Medical Exams

  • Medical/Legal and Second Opinion Consultations

  • Same day Status Reports

  • Dedicated workers’ compensation staff and Practice Liaison

  • Timely and concise written reports

Industrial Seminars and Events:

Besides providing direct medical care  Dr. Kassman has been a long time supporter of charitable  efforts within the worker’s compensation community.  Typically proceeds from sponsored events are directed to those directly afflicted by work place injuries.  Arizona Self Insured Association (ASIA),  Arizona Workers Compensation Claims Association (AWCCA), and others know that they can count on Dr. Kassman to assist them in their many fundraising activities.

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