Amy B.  Ingersoll, M.M.S., P.A.-C

Amy B. Ingersoll, M.M.S., P.A.-C

Integrative Health and Wellness

Amy Ingersoll, PA-C, MMS is a nationally respected obesity medicine specialist. She has been actively practicing obesity medicine for over 8 years and is excited to be bringing her area of expertise to Ortho Arizona.  She has received the highest level of training in obeisty medicine for PAs with receiving the Advanced Education of Obesity Medicine from the Obesity Medical Association that demonstrates her extensive knowledge of evidence-based obesity treatment approaches and an ongoing commitment to patient’s health. She approaches obesity as a chronic, progressive disease with focus on evidence based-treatment for long term success.  She is excited to be able to play a collaborative role at Ortho Arizona to help to improve patient care and outcomes.      

Beyond the office, Amy is immersed in helping to advocate and expand the understanding and complexity of obesity as a chronic disease. She has spoken both at a national and local level on obesity medicine. She was a subject matter expert in her national organization AAPA 3-year Obesity Leadership Edge from 2015-2018. She continued her role as subject matter expert for AAPA in a collaboration with OMA and AANP for creation of Certificate in Primary Care Obesity Management to PAs and NPs. She is a member of OMA, the clinical leaders in obesity medicine since 2012. She has been actively involved in advocacy of obesity medicine and participated in advocacy days with OMA.

She serves on the Board of Directors of the Obesity Treatment Foundation. She is founder of PAs in Obesity Medicine special interest group, and founder of Arizona Obesity Organization, a local thought-leading obesity medicine group to help increase awareness of obesity medicine.

Outside of the office, she is a mom of three little rascals, Georgie, Maddie and Max, who always seem to know how to push all her buttons.  Amy is an expert cross country and enduro mountain bike racer. On the weekends you will find her and her family outdoors camping, hiking, and riding and racing mountain bikes.